Staff Directory

Below are the names and extensions of our staff.

Please call 988-2565 to reach a staff member.

Amanda George 1005 4th Grade Teacher

Anika Hertel-Therrien 1009 Kindergarten Teacher

Beth Brasseur 1038 Paraprofessional

Christy Nemeth 1011 1st Grade Teacher

Cindy Daigneault 1039 Bus Driver

Cindy Laramee 1013 Reading Recovery/Titles

Cris Choquette 1028 Paraprofessional

Dawn Cheney 1033 Paraprofessional

Emily Dobler 1002 Administrative Assistant

Jason Lees 1045 Special Education Teacher

Jeffrey Palmer 1018 Middle School ELA

Jessica Hinton 1010 Guidance Counselor

Joseph Bradford 1044 Physical Education/Health Teacher

Jordan Billings 1007 2nd Grade Teacher

Joanne Wursthorn 1037 Paraprofessional

Kara Campbell 1003 Therapist

Katie White 1004 School Nurse

Kendra Aber-Ferri 1012 Library Media Specialist

Kim McCarthy 1027 Paraprofessional/SLPA

Kirk Blindow 1017 6th Grade Teacher

Kristen Roberge 1028 Preschool Teacher

Linda Perry 1023 Special Education Teacher

Linda Winick 1043 Special Education Teacher

Lisa Daigle-Farney 1009 Paraprofessional

Lois Standish 1020 Technology Specialist

Lucy Dobler 1032 Bus Driver

MaryLou Bonneau 1022 Kitchen

Mary Santaw 1041 Kitchen

Matt Farney 1031 Behavior Interventionist

Michelle Ingram 1035 Art Teacher

Mikayla Pray 1019 Paraprofessional

Robert Grenon 1006 3rd Grade Teacher

Robert Judd 1026 Head of Maintenance

Roland Blais 1030 Janitorial Staff

Sarah Standish 1009 Paraprofessional

Shannon Bowman 1019 8th Grade Teacher

Shawn Provoncha 1040 Janitorial Staff

Sylvia Thompson 1042 Kitchen

Tammy Desautels 1034 Paraprofessional

Terrance Killory 1014 5th Grade Teacher

Theresa Messier 1015 Reading Recovery/Titles

Wendell Hughes 1024 Music Teacher

Other Extensions:

  • Art/Music Room 1021

  • Kitchen 1046

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Phone: 802-988-2565

Fax: 802-988-2635

Principal: Chris Young