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8/3/2020: Message regarding virtual learning

"Dear Troy Families:

Due to Governor Scott's recent executive order, the first day of school for all students will be September 8. Troy School will begin the school year with in-person learning offered to all grades pre-k through Grade 8, 7:45 AM until 2:45 PM Monday-Friday. However, Troy families and families across the supervisory union will have additional options open to them if they are uncomfortable with in-person learning. Your options are: 1) in-person leaning, where your students may attend Troy school following all safety measures as outlined in our COVID handbook (copies were sent to all Troy families, but if you need another copy please see below) 2) apply for approved home-schooling through the Vermont Agency of Education (you can find more information about this option at here or 3) virtual learning (i.e., home-based computer learning) through the supervisory union. If you wish to apply for virtual learning, follow this link:

We recognize that this choice will be difficult for many families. It is likely you have to weigh many important factors when making this decision.

Please note, however, that the choice you make must be for the entire school year. In order to adequately plan for students' education and to provide a coherent and meaningful curriculum, we must know your choice soon. The deadline for applying to the virtual learning option will be Friday August 7, 2020. If you do not apply for virtual learning it will be assumed your family is choosing either in-person learning or home-schooling. However, if your family is deciding to pursue home-schooling through the Agency of Education, please let me ( or Emily Dobler ( know so that we can offer assistance.

If you have questions about your options, please email me"

Click here to see the full electronic version of our Troy School Handbook. This will only be available online this year. If you need a paper version of the handbook, please call us and request one be mailed to you.

Click here to see the COVID-19 School Family Handbook that was mailed to families late July.

  • Click here for information on new student registration.

  • If you have any questions about registration please email, or call 802-988-2565 extension 1002.

Follow our Facebook page to see updates on the school shutdown.


Our Mission is to provide a safe and positive learning environment where all students reach their highest potential.

Our priority is to build strong partnerships with community, parents, teachers and students to create responsible citizens of the future."

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